TP-Link Online - Malaysia Store
Return & Refund Policy2023-06-23T12:02:27+08:00
What are the Return policies?2024-05-30T15:36:30+08:00
  1. TP-Link products have 5 years warranty and accessories have 5 years warranty from the date of purchased.
  2. We cannot be held responsible for any units that have been damaged in transit.
  3. All shipping charges (both ways), handling and packaging costs will be charged to the buyer.
  4. Replacement or warranty items will be processed as promptly as possible, but please be aware that it may take up to 7 working days to issue the item (or depending on stock availability).
  5. To proceed with a Return & Refund, please drop us a message through our Contact Us form.
What are the Refund policies?2023-06-14T15:05:16+08:00
  1. We only accept refund for items ordered that are out of stock.
  2. Any other reasons of refund will be charged a 5% transaction fee.
  3. Please allow 7 days to process your refund.


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