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Warranty Policy2023-06-23T12:05:52+08:00
Warranty Claim Procedures2023-06-23T12:16:32+08:00

For TP-Link Products:

  1. Contact our friendly Customer Care team through our Contact Us form.
  2. Provide us your email, name, contact details and your malfunction symptoms.
  3. Our Customer Care team will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours.
What is in our warranty policy?2024-05-30T15:34:38+08:00
  • All genuine TP-Link products comes with 5 years warranty (if not stated otherwise).
  • All product warranty includes replacement for any suspected malfunction of the TP-Link products.
  • All faulty TP-Link products that is beyond repair by after sales support team will be replaced by a brand new TP-Link product (same model variant).
  • All warranty will be handled by our authorized distributor.
  • All free gifts and accessories (if any) are not covered by the warranty policy.
  • All TP-Link products not purchased from us are not covered by the our warranty policy.
What to take note for your warranty?2023-06-14T17:50:11+08:00
  1. Your warranty card must be valid within 1 year period.
  2. You must print out a copy of your receipt.


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